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By Connection Studio, 5 December 2017 0 News

Today we gonna talk about the one who manages the lobby of UBHA and terrorize all the heroes: the receptionist! Its history, its powers, its creative process, etc…   His story : For reasons of confidentiality, only the heroes of S+… Read More »

The universe of TWN: Patatinage!

By Connection Studio, 29 November 2017 0 News

The universe of TWN: PATATINAGE! Today we're going to talk about Warren's mentor: Patatinage! Its history, its powers, its creative process, etc. ..   His story: Born in Las City, the young——–(wish to keep his anonymity) soon discovered his power… Read More »

By Connection Studio, 21 November 2017 0 News

Hello ! Today we inform you of the progression of the game following your feedback from the playtest, what we plan for the next test and finally, some news ! Progression/Improvement for the next playtest :  We modified Warren’s move,… Read More »

By Connection Studio, 1 November 2017 0 News

Hello, today we will reveal the results of the playtest ! We thank all our playtesters for your constructive feedback ! If you participated, but not responded to the questionnaire, it is still available for one week here (finish). If the… Read More »

By Connection Studio, 17 October 2017 0 News

Connection Studio Team is finally ready to show a piece of TWN! So, we have the pleasure to invite you to participate in our first Alpha Playtest! We explain everything!   What is only an alpha playtest?   An alpha means… Read More »

By Connection Studio, 10 October 2017 0 News

UBHA : ULTRA BADASS HEROIC ASSOCIATION Illustration UBHA Hall HD (by Massi Belabbas) We invite you to read the first article about the city of Las Badass City before reading this one, good reading.  A piece of UBHA Theme (by… Read More »

By Connection Studio, 5 October 2017 0 News

LAS BADASS CITY Illustration of Las Badass City HD (by Sylvain “Tohad” Sarrailh) [In process] This kind of article is only there to power the lore and the universe of the game and is not necessary for the understanding of… Read More »

By Connection Studio, 24 April 2017 0 News

The Connection Studio team is proud to introduce the first game we are working on for some time : The ! We are a team of rookies, but we have to make every effort to offer you a fun… Read More »