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Hello! This week, the program, News of the game and the next playtest!

We wanted to participate in the Avignon Geek Expo which took place on February 17 and 18, but unfortunately, we decided not to go there for the good reason that it would have had to hurry to present a demo made on purpose for the event. Indeed, we were forced to do a lot of debug before we had to test the game and consequently, the time missing, we gave up. On the other hand, and following this renunciation, we have had time to prepare the second playtest that will be available on March 17th! We rely on you to test this new version of the game and echo it around you! In this 2nd playtest, you will find everything that you could accomplish in the first playtest, reviewed and corrected with an option that will allow you to go directly to the continuation of the game if you wish. Almost all the duplicates will be available, improved fights, options/checkpoints available, rework of the sets, most of the NPCs skins (to be reported, that some of them will be represented by squares, because the sitting animation is not yet ready), The intro kinematics (the other cinematics will always present an explanatory but promised screen, plus the orange screen!), as well as its sequel with no less than an additional hour of play minimum with its new levels and Boss! Unfortunately, the levels of the new boss will only be available in a certain way, because they are not fully finalized, but do not worry, they will be playable and the boss will indeed be there!


What is an alpha playtest?

An alpha means that it is likely that you will find in the version of the game to which you are going to participate soon, bugs and missing game elements (we detail them below), because it is a non-definitive version. And this is where Playtest comes into play: it allows us, developers, to have the game tested on different machines to a number of players in order to get valuable feedback about possible bugs and also your general impressions. So, thanks to these tests, we will fix the bugs and improve the game.


What do we expect from you?

We are waiting for you to report any bugs encountered: When do they intervene? How exactly do they manifest themselves? What did you do to trigger them? Etc… Then, as soon as you have finished (or not) the playtest, please fill out the questionnaire available through the link above to collect your valuable returns.


How do I register?

To register, it happens like last time:

  • Go to the Contact section of the site
  • Fill in your contact information and select “Other request” while filling in the topic “Registration Playtest 2”.
  • To the message, simply indicate that you want to participate!

We remind you that if you are a MAC user, it is not possible to play it at the moment, because the game is currently only compatible with WINDOWS!

We will then send you a download link on March 17th at night (~6-8pm GTM+1).


The game does not launch, what to do?

There is a compatibility issue with the Windows “Smartscreen” filter. During the game session, you may have to turn it off. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to “Control Panel”
  • “System and Security”
  • “Safety and Maintenance”
  • On the left panel you should see a “Change the settings of Windows Smartscreen”. Click on it.
  • A window opens and choose the last option, “Disable Windows Smartscreen”.

What’s the problem? Send us an email via the contact form, we will answer you as soon as possible.


Some things to know… 

There are elements that are not necessary to mention in the questionnaire such as:

  • Graphics/animations/cinematics/sound design that may be lacking.
  • We already know that there are white pixels around some elements: we will remedy this problem at the next playtest.
  • Some spelling mistakes, sorry.
  • We know about the collisions.

Things to know:

  • You will encounter a multitude of squares of different colors: they will be non-player characters (NPCs), you can talk to them as the characters who will already have their design.
  • The Internet pages will not be available: so you will not be able to have fun looking for all kinds of tricks on the internet of TWN.

Some rules:

  • Don’t share the game!
  • Do not take screen/photos/video of the game in order to publish them!

Example of a new level and of the design revisited (without the characters).

The Grand Place – Massi Belabbas



To compensate for our non participation in the Salon d’avignon, we will participate in an event on Montpellier during which we present the game and thus, we sharpen our teeth in front of an audience. This event will take place at the Gazette Café (5 mins walk from the station, rue Leva) on Sunday 18 March from 14h to 00:00, free entrance. The theme of the event is the game in its entirety, whether it’s games of trays, company, video games, etc… We hope to be there for you (we will be two)!

Before and after the graphic rework of the arena of Afro Poop – Massi Belabbas

We will resume the “TWN universe” after this playtest with the new characters you may have encountered during this one. On this, thank you and soon!


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