The universe of TWN: the city of Las Badass City


Illustration of Las Badass City HD (by Sylvain “Tohad” Sarrailh) [In process]

This kind of article is only there to power the lore and the universe of the game and is not necessary for the understanding of history.

  • Las Badass City, its young story: 

Las Badass City is a fairly young city state; there is very little written about the pre-badass period and these are inaccessible to the public. Life for the Badassiens and Badassiennes began when the family of the Fixabots with about 300 members, all with the power to fix or protect, built the city. Las Badass City was built to support a population of more than 200,000 people to the various powers. Unlike other cities, the authorities decided to implement services organized according to the powers of each in order to establish a balance and peace found nowhere else. Its strategic location protected it attacks what they are, because it is located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The city was built around a giant tree sheltering a whole ecosystem of insects, animals and birds. Despite his defenses, during its young history, LBC suffered its share of events. Despite his defenses, she could not foresee everything with outsized powers. As the great villains unfortunately emerged, especially one of between – them whose name is still shaking all Badass City : Mantaserious. Fortunately, brave heroes defeated him and after this episode, the city established UBHA: the Badass Ultra Heroic Association, an organization to control the powers to make them good services and thus curb those who the used for evil. Subsequently, some villains envied the glory of Mantaserious, but now there is an armada of hero in the streets preventing any harm to harm. After this episode, the city was protected by an Assembly of heroes, protectors and guardians, and thus, more no incident occurred more than 40 years.


  • Las Badass City, its operation, its districts: 

The city, from the seat of UBHA is headed by a president chosen because of his heroic and moral capacities. The city is divided into four areas for a total of 30 districts:

  • The protective pole: the Badashield. That’s where, at the end of the ravine or UBHA is established, that work together the heroes as well as the Badapolice and the Fixabots, all with a distinct role. Heroes protect the city and according to their powers can be required to cooperate with the police for some missions. The Badapolice, for its part, deals with the monitoring, establishes the order and helps the business of daily life; one of their mission is to protect the city with the heroes attack. The Fixabots are a family of macon; as a result, they improve, repair and extend the city with formidable efficiency. In addition, thanks to their shields, they protect buildings and monitor borders.
  • The central pole: pedestrian, it is located in the upper town, Badaplace. We find the Grand Place, an esplanade or like to meet people to make purchases, eat and drink, entertainment, etc… There are tall buildings and also buildings with modern architecture, Motley. South of the Grand Place lies the clock district dominated by a large Tower, a jewel of architecture and watch around which focuses, countless bars and restaurants. To the East, lies the District of the tree, a place combining modernity and mysticism. A giant tree surrounded by small temples stands in the middle of the main square; Some believe that it protects the town and nourishes the Earth. Is also the neighborhood “Stardust”, tribute to the nearby town and its culture. Another neighborhood: one called games, very touristy with its famous casino “Badamoney”.
  • The residential pole of the lower town: Badapeace. Concentrated the District of bands with a very large festive road that climbs to the upper town and more particularly to the neighborhood Sports dominated by a large stadium. Also, bathing neighborhoods with its beaches, Cubs shops, its charming homes and its Museum in the open sea with the arms of the great villains. Further, sea, located in the sinister prison housing the villains that weapons were confiscated for the aforementioned Museum. More indented, are more or less wealthy residential neighborhoods.
  • The peasant and industrial pole: Badawork with industrial district and office. Concentrates there also such outside of the town of farmers fields maintained by brave women and men who work to feed their country.


Map of LBC very soon.


The powers of a person may occur at any time (the oldest identified to discover his powers was 77 years old) in a quite different way. Some are discovering their powers quite naturally, while others need triggers. The powers are divided into several categories that can be subcategorized themselves. Some of them may change the appearance of a person in animal or chimera. Documents relate the concern of individuals cannot control their powers, because far too powerful for them. The Government are responsible for these individuals but does not indicate their destiny.

Until the legal age of 18 years, children go to school, or with the agreement of the Government, following the education provided by parents. Then, he need to identify its power. If it is not yet clear, we can work as a trader, used in offices or doing light manual work. Otherwise, according to power, you may have to make very specific choices, even if don’t like it at first, but generally, the choices are quite varied so that is something for everyone. In order to have a functioning, LBC promises a peaceful life in his beautiful city but requires an effort of everyone to contribute appropriately to the prosperity of the nation.


Illustration power in process.


Thanks for reading this presentation! You can read this information and more in the form of Web page in game through the power of Warren.

The next article will deal with UBHA, association of Heroes ultra in badass!


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