Hello, everybody. Despite a lack of posts that might make it seem like the project is aborted, I would point out that it is not. Indeed, we are still in the process of development! We continue to perfect the game which here is a small anthology of improvements in one image:


During the month of October, we exhibited the game at the Indiecade Paris Show & Tell. A positive and rewarding participation in which, in addition to many contacts, we have benefited from useful and profitable advice for the development of the new demo which, we regret, is delayed again.

Here are the improvements we will bring to the game for the upcoming demo:

  • Finishing puzzles levels.
  • Improved UI/Guide addition. (If you are the type to pass the dialogues, you will now know what to do/or go for).
  • Make the fight VS Kolick more interesting. We will not add a phase but modify some to propose new mechanics.
  • Improve combat VS PFC.
  • Added a life bar/phase for bosses.
  • Internet/new powers.
  • Always more Polish (FX, Anim, cognitive return…)


We hope to complete this batch of improvements for the demo as quickly as possible and thus submit it to you, but not before it is completely satisfactory. We recall that the demo will come out in free access and will offer about one hour of play and two bosses. The objective of this demo will be mainly aimed at the management of potential investors so that we can access the top speed. Moreover, because of the development of a mobile game (which has nothing to do with the in order to raise more funds for TWN, we will be able to propose the famous long awaited demo after this new project.

Think of following us on social networks where we frequently share the advances of the game and screens. Thank you for reading us and very soon!


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