News and progression!

Hello ! Today we inform you of the progression of the game following your feedback from the playtest, what we plan for the next test and finally, some news !

Progression/Improvement for the next playtest : 

  • We modified Warren’s move, he’s faster and no longer has deceleration/acceleration, he’s movement is now constant. As a result, it is more enjoyable to handle than it is during the peace or fight phases !
  • We have homogenized the volume of dialogues : indeed, some were weaker/stronger than others.
  • The options will be available at the game.
  • The power CD will be clearly visible with a loading bar.
  • An integrated restart button to start the fight from the beginning.
  • All the decorations have been graphically reviewed.
  • The E key is now used to start, continue and complete a dialogue.
  • “A” will now be the key to the first power instead of &. The keys will be bindable to the exit of the game.
  • We have corrected the fight VS Afro Poop, which is slightly less difficult now. So it will be possible to recover a point of life in the midst of the fight. The collisions have been corrected, Warren no longer gets stuck in the walls.
  • Of course, we corrected all the bugs you gave us.

  • A charming gentleman making beautiful promises.

News :

We are planning a new playtest for the month of February. We aspire to see bigger: You will obviously find the beginning of the adventure but also its sequel! If the first playtest allowed to glimpse about the first 30 minutes of the game, during the second one, you will have access to more, or a more comprehensive view of the game with about 1 h 30 of duration, bringing you to the second boss (this charming gentleman above). This playtest will allow us again to know your feedback, to communicate more extensively around the game thanks to screenshots and videos of announcements/gameplay. Then we will show the game to festivals, professionals and publishers. As a result, we expect even more players to have a maximum of returns! 


In summary, in the next playtest of February :

  • ~ 1 h 30 of play.
  • New characters to discover.
  • Go home for good in the city of Las-Bad city!
  • A new boss and his level for the least … Different.
  • The Guns pixels!
  • The Internet available with several pages available!
  • NPCs will have their skins and movement!

-Example of NPCs

In the next few weeks, we will publish as last week, “TWN Univers” about the various characters encountered during the first playtest so that you know more about them. Good week to you!


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