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Connection Studio Team is finally ready to show a piece of TWN! So, we have the pleasure to invite you to participate in our first Alpha Playtest! We explain everything!


What is only an alpha playtest?


An alpha means that it is likely that you will find in the version of the game that you play, bugs and missing game items (we detail them below), because it’s an unofficial release. And that’s where playtest comes into play : it allows us, developers, to test the game on different machines in a number of player in order to obtain valuable feedback, whether it’s about bugs or your general impressions. Thus, thanks to these tests, we will correct bugs and improve the game.


What do we expect from you?


We expect you to finish this phase of play about 20 minutes being discussed quite normally, alpha. If it is possible, thanks to a video capture of your gaming session. Mainly, we are waiting for you to notice any bugs encountered (when it occurs, that is it exactly that you did to trigger, etc…). Then, once you have finished playing, fill out the questionnaire available below.

How do I register?

To register nothing simpler!

  • Go to the Contact section of the site
  • Fill in your details and choose “Other application” informing the subject “registration Playtest 1”.
  • In the message, simply indicate that you want to participate!

We remind you that if you are a MAC user, it is not possible to play at the moment, because the game is currently compatible with WINDOWS !


When? How?

You have until Monday, October 23, 8pm to register. We will send the download link to your email between 18 and 19: 00. Download the app and you just have to throw. No installation required!

You have until Wednesday, November 1, 5pm to complete the questionnaire, this time, it will not be available.

The game does not launch, what to do?

There is a compatibility issue with the filter “Smartscreen” of Windows. During the session of the game, it is possible that you have to turn it off. Here’s how:

  • Go to the “Control Panel”
  • “System and security”
  • “Security and maintenance”
  • On the left panel you should see a “change settings of Windows Smartscreen”. Click on it.
  • A window opens, choose the last option, “Disable Windows Smartscreen”.


A problem? Send us a mail via the contact form, we will answer you as soon as possible.


A few things to know… 

There are elements that are not necessary to mention in the questionnaire such as:

  • The graphics, animations, cutscenes, sound design/music/dubbing it can miss.


Things to know:

  • You will encounter a multitude of yellow square. Non-player characters (NPCs), you can talk to them in same way as the characters who already have their design.
  • Internet is not available. So you still not fun to get all sorts of tips on the internet of TWN.


A few rules:

  • Do not share the game!
  • Do not take video/pictures/screen of the game in order to publish them!



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