Results of the Playtest

Hello, today we will reveal the results of the playtes!

We thank all our playtesters for your constructive feedback ! If you participated, but not responded to the questionnaire, it is still available for one week here (finish). If the additional entries change the results below, we gonna changed them. Let’s start :

As we wished, you found the fights difficult without being unachievable or unfair even as some bugs and problems of collisions have made the fight against Afro Poop more complicated than it really is.

However, for the vast majority of you the fight was almost lost (perhaps because of the problems named above). But knowing that the wave had a major bug (did not lose of life and at the same time, start the phase of the boss with the life you had at the beginning of this one), we can certainly think that most of you would remain at 1 point in life after correction of it. We will do the test and see if we do not recover you a point of life from the arrival of the wave (phase 5).

The power was very helpful to you during the battle against Afro Poop. However, the vast majority (almost all in fact) think the position of the very unpleasant (button “&”). We will fix it.

No major worries to report. If this is the “Zutube” phase : some would have preferred a set goal in front of more clearly. Also, the “tutorial”phase is not present yet, but we plan to make one to become more familiar with the game then a written tutorial.

You liked the game lore while there is still neither cinematics (we apologize for this ugly and indigestible blue/orange texts) and still missing so many graphics ! We are very pleased with this result.

We have spent a lot of time and energy to propose this dubbing with our actors to make the game more lively universe and you still have to discover other many colourful character ! You all found the dubbing good overall and we are delighted, thank you !


On the question: “If the internet of Warren was available, would you have used it? If Yes, what would you look for?”:

60% of you would have already started to look for sites and potential additionnal power !

Fun fact, the greater part of you (girls and boys alike) have sought the Badaporn (Youporn), band of perv’.



You’ve all met Warren bug that passes under the office of the Receptionist (is this a bug ? What a perv’ this Warren).

The frames of invus that bug, half-assed collisions by location. Warren can move well before projectiles start to leave (this cheater mess) and a few other minor bugs.

Thank you for your vigilance we will take care of everything!


The things that we will change as a result of your feedback: 

-Displacement of Warren, not fast enough base. And too long to start because of the inertia

-A hit sound when you touch Afro Poop and an animation of typing for Warren

-Animations for the appearance of the projectiles of Afro Poop

-The volume of the dialogues to review/correct

-Real animation for opening/closing of doors

-Key to start and continue the dialogues identical (E)

-We will review a few sets

-CD visible power

-Restart button

-(Planned for later) options

-A screen game over (planned for later)

-Binding of keys (planned for later)

-Compatibility controller (planned for later)


Thank you again! Cheers for new items and a new playtest with the further adventures of Warren (for January) !


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