Playtest n°2 results!

Hello, today we will reveal the results of the playtest n°2!

We thank all our playtesters/leak tester for their constructive feedback! If you participated, but did not respond to the questionnaire, it is still available for a week (finished). If the additional entries change the following results, we will rectify them.


Overall, you enjoy the TWN experience.


The first fight was made easier compared to last time. Those VS PFC have not been balanced at all. We think we find the perfect balance for the next playtest!




Although we have changed the key, the vast majority of you forget about the power. The binding of the keys will probably fix part of the problem, but we’ll also avoid the written instructions as much as possible and make a more visible spell reload.


There are two types of players that stand out here. We may be thinking about making the key characters more visible so that players not talking to a lot of character can know where to go and what to do.


You find the dialogues in general good! Nothing special to report. We will avoid the problems of translations for the next time, and no more misspellings.


You have more liked the universe of the game compared to the last time, probably thanks to the cinematic intro, the skins of the NPCs and the disappearance of the texts orange/blue. Don’t worry, the big texts will also be replaced by cinematics.


We have devoted a lot of time and energy to proposing this dubbing with our actors in order to make the universe of the game more alive and more, you still have a lot of colorful character to discover! You all found the dubbing overall good and we are delighted, thank you!


On the question: “Have you had trouble understanding what the game is asking you?”:

Indeed, some people don’t talk too much to NPCs and therefore see themselves blocked. We will try to address that problem. We will try to have more visual than written indications, especially for the future tutorial and the uses of powers.


On the question: “If Warren’s Internet was available, would you have used it?” If so, what would you have looked for? » :

Most of you would have looked for the names of the characters in the game. But what stands out the most is: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia, Porn…


The bugs:

Thank you for all the little bugs that you have relayed to us. We’ve already taken care of settling most of them!

Promised next time, we will try to have a perfect hitbox.


The things we will change as a result of your returns: 

  • The displacement of Warren that lacks inertia.
  • Sound Design
  • Perfect Hitbox
  • The tutorial + clearer tutorial
  • Binding keys
  • The beginning of the game up to PFC in 100% finished and polish.


We thank you again! A soon for new articles and a new Playtest version “demo” for maximum September!


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