About Connection Studio:

Connection Studio is a small independent game studio founded in March 2017 registered in Montpellier in the South of the France. We are currently working on The, a game (mostly) action-adventure on PC where you have to save the city from the dangers it faces off !


The team:

The TWN team is mainly located in France (Montpellier and Paris) but we also have employees scattered everywhere in the world. We are 6 people working on The project which was initially started in early 2016. Pre-production began in September 2016.

As a team, we all have different desires, but we found ourself in universe we like to create. Our independence is a big thing for us, it sublimates our way of working, maybe more laborious, but more human. We try to offer a game with our means and our heart, hope you like it.


 Victor Rodriguez : Hey! I am the founder of the studio and creator of TWN and in my previous life I was probably a Swiss army knife. You can follow me on Twitter :

 Rémy Russery : Hey I’m Remy, the encoder of TWN and a video games student ! You can contact me via my mail !

 Marika Khammanivong : Hi, I’m Marika, the character designer and Illustrator of TWN ! Making the cinematics and illustrations ! You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram :

Belabbas Massi : My name is Massi, I am a 2D artist for TWN and doing the backrounds of the game and their animations ! I am a graduate of LISAA in 3D Game, you can find my work on Artstation :

Emeric Levardon : ♪♫♪♫♫♪♫♪ ♪♫♪♫♫♪♫♪♫ ♪♫♪♫♫♪♫♪ : hoping that we understand each other. You can also find me on :

Quentin Rigaux :  Hey ! I’m Quentin, 2D artist. I’m making the characters and their animations in-game ! I’m in animation school (Les Gobelins). You can find my work here :


The dubbing team of TWN: 

Raphaël Desbordes : Warren, NPC (Facebook).

Damien Soler : Knockaround, Ultramale, Old Grandpa, RPS, Niceguy, NPC (Mail).

Felix Corraze : Receptionist, Universe, Afro Poop, Son Diego, Pokerito Toshiro Kenobi, NPC (Mail, Facebook).

Julie Plumier : Marika, Biscotta, Fixabot, NPC (Mail).

Camille Broch : Sheher Cynanthro, Miss-tery, NPC (Instagram).

Claire Pommet : Reinette (Website, Youtube, Facebook, TW, Instagram).

Thade Penel : Eddy Piaf, NPC. (Mail)

Léa Damay : NPC (Mail).

Lilian Armand : NPC (Mail).

Geoffrey Sydelnik : NPC (Mail).

David Veerasawmy : NPC (Mail).

Amandine Fatous : NPC.

Jeanne Rodriguez : NPC.

Studio Vox Montpellier : Thanks to Orphée, Lionel and Jeff (Website, Facebook)


And many other collaborators:

Camille Monjo : Webdesigner (Website).

Adam Maurin : English translation.

Sylvain Sarrailh : Illustrator (Artstation).

Ricardo Caceres : Animation 2D (Twitter, Tumblr).

Christopher Martin : Artist (Mail).

Polydor Universal Studio : Thank  to Nicolas and Floriane!

Sebastian Davis : Thanks for your help on the song ! (Hollydays Soundcloud)