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Illustration UBHA Hall HD (by Massi Belabbas)

We invite you to read the first article about the city of Las Badass City before reading this one, good reading. 

A piece of UBHA Theme (by Emeric Levardon)

After the upsurge of gangsters and the birth of the true first great super villain Mantaserious who attacked the city, the Government set up an association to bring together people of power and allowing to thwart attacks, to be prevent adverse events. This association was named UBHA: (The) Heroic Association Ultra Badass. During the attack on Mantaserious, the large building which stood at the edge of the ravine, once seat of the Government, was destroyed. The Fixabots rebuilt him so that he became the symbol of the city: powerful, imposing, heroic.

(The illustration Las Badass City by Sylvain Sarrailh UBHA building)

The building : with its protective liquid filled steel frame, designed by the Fixabots, this large building with more than 100 floors welcomes neighborhoods of heroes and their sidekicks in the first 50 floors. Those of the Badapolice of the 50th in the 80th, the Reparators of the 80 in the 87th and the Government of the city-state until the 101st floor. In the eccentric floors of heroes, there are training rooms outside time and space, rooms of basic resistances and other simulators of disaster…

Badapolice and Fixabots (by Marika Khammanivong)

How to become a hero ? 18 is the age requirement to become a hero as well as graduation (Badagraduation) and the agreement of their legal guardians. Then it should apply (including information and especially heroic utilities of your powers, to this what you aspire…) to take the test at UBHA which takes place once a year and which consists of two tests: an intellectual and a physics. These events will test your heroic knowledge and skills. All powers can be accepted to UBHA as long as they have a specific utility in useful fields (rescue, fire, attacks of super villains…). If you pass the test, then you will be admitted as a novice hero. From there, you can reach several poles in order to learn and receive a certificate. Among the different certificates to become a combat hero is obviously the most popular, allows another to become the Sidekick (rank B required) a hero of the same rank or more, are also informative heroes and the heroes to help the person, etc… Certificate in hand, you will begin to receive missions associated with his level of mastery going as follows:

S + : Super Hero recognized around the world for his abilities and his heroic actions. Accomplishes that mission of the highest importance.

S : Super Heroes of great stature, but lacked a little something before becoming an icon. Performs important missions.

A : Emeritus hero having proved its worth. Performs a great action. Watch the city of his eye and chooses her missions.

B : Great hero in the making, help the community earnestly performing all kinds of tasks.

C : Everyday heroes. See tasks of average importance.

D : The little things make great heroes. Constantly performs missions.

E : Taxpayer, starts to become independent.

F : Novice, learned the trade.


Entry UBHA in game (by Massi Belabbas)

Next week’s article will treat of the Playtest, instructions, and how to sign up! Be there!


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