This article will be updated as the project progresses.

The platforms of purchase/languages:

We plan to release the game on Steam for the 2nd half of 2018, exclusively on PC. We hope to also distribute it for MAC users, but not in the immediate future. The game will only be available in English aidop and texts will be translated in French and English.


The game/synopsis:

– Las Badass City (by Sylvain Sarrailh) 

Explore a super badass action game adventure in a manga-comics style ! Play as Warren, a country boy arriving in the capital of the superhero : Las Badass City ! He finally discovers his power and will become a superhero to his greatest joy ! With his power to control the data processing, he enrolled at UBHA : The Ultra Badass Heroic Association. From there on, Warren will discover the backstage of the association and get his first assignments ! But it was without counting on a group of villains which escaped from prison to attack the city. Warren sees a great opportunity to show the world that he’s the best ! A day to save the world and become the greatest super heroes : this is your mission !


– Warren (by Ricardo Caceres) 

Features :

  • With data processing power, you can browse the Googole and discover sites to learn more about characters or places, add applications to your spell bar, use your cursor to find secret passages… And who knows what mystery may harbor the meanders of the Internet?
  • Use your cursor, your gun pixel and especially your ingenuity to stop the threat of the super villains !
  • Discover a funny story, full of surprise and highly colored characters !
  • Bosses that will make you drool, all different from each other that will impose to you their ways to fight ! Be surprised at each new level !
  • Secrets, puzzles…
  • A full dubbing and a soundtrack that rocks !

-UBHA Hero (by Marika Khammanivong)

TWN Soundtrack:

The whole soundtrack of TWN will be available at the release of the game. It is composed by Emeric Levardon ! A preview ?

Imagine that you arrive in the lobby of UBHA, The Ultra Badass Heroic Association:

-UBHA Hall (by Massi Belabbas)

  1. UBHA Hall preview

Or you’re fighting against a super villain rather not happy and preeety badass (isn’t it ?) :

-Universe (by Marika Khammanivong)

  1. Boss Battle 1 song preview

PS: This music is not related to the character at the top because of progress on the project.

The rest of this article as and when. Coming soon : In game screen, videos…