The universe of TWN: Kolick!

Today we reveal the origins of the one you dread all: The tiny, the nauseating, the inflating … Kolick!

His story:

The “super villain” named Kolick, in his real name, Shia Fécais, 26, was born in Las Badass City. He lived in the “light” neighbourhood in a very poor family, which to survive, became part of the neighborhood gang. At the age of 11, the little Shia, then well integrated into the gang, began to develop his power: a terrible gift of emitting from his own person a strong and unpleasant odor. As soon as the whole neighborhood became aware of this repulsive discovery, all rejected it: The gang, his friends and even his own family. At 12 years old, some of them took him to “the Centre for dangerous and uncontrollable power” (like Knockaround) in order to get rid of it. Despite the reputation of this institute, the sickening power of Shia proved so unbearable that again it was rejected. As a result, he was called ” Little Shit”. In any way, neither walls nor masks, it was impossible to contain its unfortunate peculiarity. Placed a few feet away from him, the gastric fluids could get you back through the throat (sorry, a little trashy). Humiliated and rejected, he was the third render unfit to work in society and when he was only 13 years old, Shia found himself alone, delivered to himself. After this strong emotional shock, he developed the second and final stage of his power: to control/create fecal matter. The little Shia tried to return to his family cradle but just arrived, the whole neighborhood drove him away again because of the same reluctance he exercised. Beyond that, Shia went up to the surface all the fecal waste of the city, plunging it into chaos. He disappeared in a torrent of feces to return two years later with a new identity. From now on, he was named Kolick! A triumphant but shitty comeback, because it occasioned the overflow of the public toilet, in the city centre, creating ramparts for its dripping castle. Defeated by his worst enemy, Captain’s clothes-Tong, an F +-ranked hero, Kolick was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Today, at the age of 26, finally free but still not reasoned, he starts to fuck the shit …

His powers:

Kolick has the power to control and create fecal matter:

  • Can create and model to his fecal matter guide.
  • Can solidify or soften the fecal matter.
  • Impregnated with a very strong odor.
  • A fucking joke.

Its design:

Here is the creative process around Kolick. I wanted a petty, small, ungrateful and covered in crap with just one cool thing on him : an very cool Afro !

The Kolick design was validated from the first sketch. He had all the characteristic features of the character, but I wanted a costume a little less stupid, because the character is enough. In the end, no more costumes! This very lightweight getup is a success, more in osmosis with its power. For the colors, I opta for the trousers mustard in order to see the tasks well on!

For the voice of the character, it’s Félix Corraze (the same doubler as The receptionist) who brought a petty, irritating and well aroused voice! Preview:

The fight: 

Kolick is the first boss of the game. And for plot and humorous reasons, I wanted a first phony boss, with ridiculous powers. That’s why a character who controls the crap perfectly validates the desired criterion. I feared that one if improper character brings some damaging comments such as “It’s not very serious”, “it’s kid” or “too pee poo” and so, some players stop at this bad impression, thinking that the game would be Inept and childish. Voluntarily, the character is not too developed in order to quickly move on to action, which will give you a twist. It must be understood that Warren does not know how to fight and because of this, you will have to highlight what you learned with Knockaround, ie: the art of l”esquive, the use of the power, the battle body to body against the enemy. The fight takes place thus in 11 different phases amount crescendo in difficulty. Finally, the fight proves to be not that easy. In conclusion, not only will you discover that Kolick is not really representative of the overall humour of the game, but moreover, you will find that the confrontation of this character would sweep your doubts. As the mysterious end character of the fight pointed out, Kolick will be a good diversion for the true threat that coming!


Character Design and illustration by Marika Khammanivong

Kolick in game by Quentin Rigaux.

Sets in game by Massi Belabbas.

Thank you for your reading! Next week, another “TWN universe” about recurring characters throughout the game: The Fixabot! For the moment he concludes the series of TWN universes.


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