The universe of TWN: the receptionist!

Today we gonna talk about the one who manages the lobby of UBHA and terrorize all the heroes: the receptionist! Its history, its powers, its creative process, etc…


His story :

For reasons of confidentiality, only the heroes of S+ rank have access to the first part of the history of the receptionist. As a result, we can communicate to you only the second part of his history :

Number of mystery surrounds this man. We are not aware of the role he held in UBHA before he became the right arm of the president and the receptionist (Sekou Mandja of his real name) of the Association of Heroes. Nevertheless, we know that he acquired this role as a reward for an act of bravery that is always secret. Since then, he occupies the seat of the reception of UBHA and advises the heroes, gives information to the civilians, etc… Give information the civilians on his own !? Well yes, but that’s where the receptionist’s reputation comes into play. He has the reputation of being very unpleasant, imposing it by its imposing stature, feared by its title as the right arm of the president. No one dares disturb him for nothing. And if you disturb him, well … Expect you to get tossed like an old sock and suffer a shameful belittling ! It is for this reason that so few people are waiting in the siege of UBHA. This fear allows the receptionist to be more panchal and to concentrate on the heroes with the hard heads who confront him bravely despite his reputation ! A well oiled ploy coupled with a reputation of hard-to-bake that allows to unearth future talent not fleeing against the first obstacle come. About his role on the side of the president (who holds him in high esteem), he would be both his man to do everything (which feeds many of the conspiracy theories on the net) and his recourse in case of crisis. In the event of a future crisis, we can feed this article and find out more about this enigmatic character !


His powers :

The receptionist’s powers are unknown. According to some rumors, he would be able to cross the walls or move very quickly. Some even claim to have seen it in two different places at the same time : a gift of ubiquity ? Here is a non-exhaustive list of the supposed powers of the receptionist of UBHA :

  • Go through the walls.
  • Can move very quickly.
  • Teleport.
  • Tenfold.
  • Telekinesis.
  • Scare me.

So the mystery remains.


His design :

Here is the creative process around the receptionist. I wanted a character who does not inspire sympathy : nasty, unpleasant, very strong air to repel those who dare to criticize it. An antipathic gentleman, all dressed in black.

The receptionist’s design was validated from the first sketch. The sketch of the character did not look very convenient. But I still wanted to be able to detect a suspicion of kindness. So we removed the hair from the top of the head to give it a slightly more sweet air and also thickens its face, more malleable and thus planted a mocking side. Color level, no need for tests:  a black suit without concessions !

For the voice of the character, the choice was made to the magnificent Félix Corraze (remember his name too !) which brought a powerful voice enriched with a bantering laughter to the limit of wickedness! Extract.

Character Design and illustration by Marika Khammanivong

Patatinage in game by Quentin Riga.

Sets in game by Massi Barrios.

Thank you for your reading. Next week, another “TWN universe” on the first boss of the game : Afro Poop !


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