TWN Universe : The Fixabots

Today we reveal the origins of the Fixabot, these characters that you will meet very regularly in the game: who are they, what are they used for…?



As already mentioned in the article “TWN Universe: Las The Bad City”, you know that the Fixabot are very closely linked to the city since they are the builders. Of the union of the first (called “The matriarch”) and of the first Fixabot male were born no fewer than 24 children who perpetuated the lineage to arrive to this day a family of not less than 520 members. All are Fixabot without exceptions, numbered from 1 to 520. Some critics accuse the government and the matriarch of not letting children choose their future and numbering them as robots. Several investigations now buried seek to demonstrate that the Fixabot undergo brainwashing and have no personality. In addition, male Fixabot are very rare in the city because they are apparently sent to border protections (or we civilians are not allowed to go there) that they protect through their powers to generate shields. The survey also questions the troubling features of most male Fixabot circulating in the city, those of their white hairs and tired airs, unlike their female counterparts who never seem to Aging: Is it related to their power? On their side, women stay in town and in villages to repair them. We can find them occupying different functions: the building Fixabot (heroes sometimes do collateral damage) repairing and upgrading the buildings of the city. Fixabot doctors in hospitals or even common Fixabot able to repair anything and everything. Thanks to them, the city is always in perfect working order, whether it is in the private or the public. The motto of the Fixabot is: < To serve, protect and repair! > >.


Their powers:

The Fixabots possess two distinct powers: women can repair while men can protect.

Fixabot women:

  • Can fix anything. If the thing is complex, it requires more time or Réparators (example: re-assembling a body) 

Fixabot men:

  • Can create protection barriers. The bigger it is, the more people need it.


Their design:

Here is the (small) creative process around the Fixabot. I wanted characters with a simple appearance, dressed green, with a common and sympathetic face.

The design of the Fixabot did not need a sketch. They were common enough not to need the characteristic traits. It was enough that they had a green suit and the air of repairman (cap, gloves, boots…). And the little symbol of the Fixabot on the cap.

For the voice of the character, it is Julie Plumer and Félix Corraze who made the very characteristic voices of these characters, excerpt:

Character Design and illustration by Marika Khammanivong

Fixabot in game by Quentin Rigay.

Decorations in game by Massi Barrios.

Thanks for reading! It was the last TWN universe before the next playtest! We focus on the progress of the game until then (an article about this next week). See you soon!


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