The universe of TWN: Patatinage!

The universe of TWN: PATATINAGE!

Today we’re going to talk about Warren’s mentor: Patatinage! Its history, its powers, its creative process, etc. ..

His story:

Born in Las City, the young——–(wish to keep his anonymity) soon discovered his power from the age of five. His hands suddenly began to grow and he broke everything he touched. Not controlling his strength, he became dangerous to himself and those who surrounded him. Very quickly, he was sent to a specialized facility for children with dangerous powers. During these five years of training, he learned the extent of his power and the control of his use. Then, at the age of 10, he returned to public school and became the best in all school disciplines whether sporting or intellectual. His Excellency was the awarding of numerous trophies. His parents, admiring, considered his future as holding the title of great Athlete of the Coliseum of Las, but—-(always anonymous) did not see him from that eye, because his rough training was intended to come to the rescue of people. When his parents asked him what he wanted to do later, he invariably replied: < < As the Best of Heroes: Grandpa! >> His remarkable talent and impatience made him that from the age of 13 he began tasks of novice hero that normally must be accepted and starts from 18 years. He saved animals, replanted trees, helped to build buildings, etc. Thanks to all his little gestures, he was spotted by the No. 1 UBHA who promised him a great future. At the age of 14, he made his own suit in supple elastic fiber and very resistant, but most importantly, he took over the dress code of his grandfather and favorite hero, who died saving the city during the attack of Mantasérieux: The well named Joe the Beautiful. He equiped himself with his helmet and his famous cloak in order to pay homage to him and perpetuate his inheritance. At the age of 18, the hero Patatinage was for good by succeeding with the highest score ever reached the trials of UBHA! He quickly became one of the best and reached grade A in an expeditious manner in just 2 years when it took at least 6 years for fierce heroes. This period marked one of the darkest days of Las: The return of Mantasérieux, escaped from prison for super villains. During this event, the No.1 of UBHA will be seriously wounded and Patatinage saved him in the extremis of death. And it is always he, who by loading all his strength in one blow, Terrassa Mantasérieux on the Grand Place, before he reached the siege of UBHA. After this glorious event, Patatinage was sacred N ° 1 of the association, even being built in his honor a fountain in his effigy in the centre of the Grand Place. A few years later, he was replaced by Ultramale and, at the age of 26, endorsed the role of No. 2. Now, 29 years old, Patatinage watches over Las tough City and sometimes leads recruits to the high potential … Which you will be part of! 

His powers:

The powers of Patatinage have earned him the number 2 of UBHA. Some say that he should even have the first place, because he may not save as many people as Ultramale, but his actions are just as heroic if not more.

  • Hands far bigger and bigger than the average.
  • A great physical force.
  • A pressure force in the hands that can break very resistant materials.
  • Can apply marks by hitting an object, place or person. The mark allows it to locate the marked target and to be able to apply a punch to the desired power.

It was in particular thanks to this last capacity that Patatinage shone with UBHA. It allows to remotely locate and neutralize any enemy bearing its mark.

Its design:

Here is the creative process around Patatinage. I wanted a jovial, lively hero with a serious attitude. He had to be able to represent what heroism is: right and charming, and especially capable of distributing huge mandas with his big fists.

Once again, from the beginning of its draft, as you can see, we were close to the final design. In my opinion, the first representation of the hero was too much like the sense (Japanese superhero series). I wanted a slightly more athletic suit and glimpsed his cheerful look. The second one (top right) was already more correct, but again, it had a somewhat too felt appearance. With the last sketch, we had our hero! was more than to add a large smile and big fists!

For the color, I hesitated for a long time between the last two. One seemed to me very heroic (the red and blue) and the second certainly quite common but representing the colors of his grandfather (the white and black). Finally, my choice went towards the last, stronger symbolism than any color.

For the voice of the character, the choice was made to the excellent Damien Soler (remember this name in the years to come!) which brought a sympathetic and warm voice to the character while bringing a touch of seriousness when the situation requires it.

Character Design and illustration by Marika Khammanivong

Patatinage in game by Quentin Riga

Thank you for your reading. Next week, another “TWN universe” on the receptionist!


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